Saving environment Sanganer

This is one intervention that CRC is proud of: to save the livelihoods of Sanganer printers and the environment. Sanganer, near Jaipur, once celebrated for its artistic block printing using natural dye, was being traumatised by chemical dyes. Driven by global demand for cheap substitutes, with little concern for environment or artistry, block printing was fast getting replaced by screen printing and natural dyes by chemical dyes that polluted the local river, the primary source of drinking water. The upshot was a Public Interest Litigation against the printers and government orders for them to exit. Indigenous printers, who worked from home, saw red.

CRC’s critical mediation between the government and producers, saw land being allotted to the printers outside city limits yet in close proximity. In 2019, their new cluster is up and running. Decent infrastructure, independent workshops in a clean environment has got the Sanganer block printers smiling again.

Saving environment
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