In July 2018, CRC inaugurated its new offices. This Resource Center also serves as a Design Center, Finance, Logistics and IT Center. Quality checking and packing is also done in this building. There are provisions for artisan workshops and conferences.

CRC’s headquarters is used as Design Center ,Finance, Logistics and IT Center ,Quality Checking and Packing Center

But the new building is more than an head office, it has been also built thinking of an artisans training, workshops and conference facilities.

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CRC is a Resource Center for artisans and buyers. We serve as a bridge between consumer and market needs, and the artisans. For this, we offer a wide variety of services from Product Developer to that of a Turnaround Specialist.

Turnaround Specialist

CRC has never let any producer group fade away without trying to haul them out at first. Over 30 years, CRC has successfully helped many groups, one of them being Dadoo Industries, crawl out of financial meltdown to success by marketing and promoting them.

Communications Consultants

CRC helps artisan groups or individual artisans to help them accomplish short or long term communications related goals. CRC helps them with specific projects, such as a new website to help an individual or artisan group develop a branding strategy.

Export House

CRC is a registered exporter holding a valid Export House Certificate issued by the Director General of Foreign Trade in India. CRC’s objective is to work as a simple bridge connecting the artisans to the world of international market.

Financial Consultants

CRC provides financial guidance to artisan groups who often lack the ability to distil complex financial concepts into actionable strategies. From simple things to opening a bank account to complex tax filings, CRC is always there to help the artisan groups.

Packaging Consultant

CRC continuously develops its know-how and expertise in packaging design and packaging logistics and capabilities to provide our customers with packaging solutions that improve their businesses. CRC is continuously in touch with the International buyer groups to understand and implement the latest packing trends, with recommendations of eco-friendly packing materials.

Market Developer

CRC helps various artisan groups with a well-defined growth strategy that identifies and develops new market segments for their products. A market development strategy targets non-buying customers in currently targeted segments. It also targets new customers in new segments which in another way is to expand sales through new uses for their products.

Human Resource Developer

CRC also actively helps artisans develop and hone their inherent skills to improve performance. Apart from that, artisans without a traditional skill are mentored and trained by CRC for them to become financially independent. Artisan groups are also given financial guidance where necessary.

Supply Chain Manager

CRC promotes its artisan groups whenever possible and attempts to highlight the unique-ness of the craft forms. Our designers often help the groups develop new samples that suit global demand. Guidance is given in terms of stock management and cost saving modes of shipment and production management. In addition, CRC ensures maintenance of long term relationships with both producer groups and Raw material suppliers.

Factory Manager

Periodic monitoring of production groups are undertaken by CRC to ensure that no harmful substances are used in production and the health of artisans are not compromised. Active initiatives are taken to maintain whatever little machinery is used in production. CRC provides financial assistance to buy machinery to marginalised producers.

Production Organiser

CRC works with multiple producers on one product so as to be able to provide as much work as possible. Diligent guidance is given to warrant maximum performance and minimum delay. The production and Quality checking and packing team schedules regular follow ups and producer group visits to ensure the same.

Entrepreneurship Developer

Widening product possibility range and services helps improve quality of life. CRC by mentoring the producer groups and providing employment opportunities to as many people as possible is adding to the value chain of entrepreneurs in the country.

Product Developer

Throughout its journey with the producer groups, CRC has made an attempt to develop new samples regularly, widen product lines and hone creative ability in order to cater to the growing demands of the global consumer market.

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