Empowered women Swikriti

Swikriti, a self-managed women’s group in Salkia, Howrah, West Bengal, started as an NGO to impart handicraft skills to women from indigent homes. They were trained in batik printing, crochet work, Kantha embroidery and tailoring to help them earn extra income. This would help them pay for their children’s education, health and improved lifestyles. The group joined CRC in 2011 and benefitted from skill development programmes. Today, Swikriti makes sarongs, scarves and wall hangings and is comprehensively assisted by CRC through training, design development, supply of raw materials and securing markets. Alongside, the group has learnt to take initiatives on its own to develop samples. The women are now financially independent and enjoy the social dignity that comes with it.


Empowered women
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