India is a land of rich cultural diversity.

Arts, crafts, language, music, cuisine, apparel... are but a few. It was with the intention of reviving traditional handicrafts of infusing life into slowly dying skills, fading away due to economic constraints that CRC came into being way back in 1990.

CRC ensures sustainability of the craft, the environment and the society in which the artisans live and work. While its specific role is that of a mentor for both craftspersons and communities, to sustainably access global markets through principles of Fair Trade, its comprehensive role is to be a socio-economic-environmental reformer for the communities that it works in.

Over the years, CRC has worked with 63 different producer groups whose work may be categorized under three broad headings: fashion accessories, home accessories and gifts and decorative items. The products all come from the vast repertoire of India’s creative heritage...ranging from hand woven textiles, to leather products, semi-precious jewellery to stoneware, to name a few Today, CRC works with 32 producer groups from across the country.