“Your life is not a problem to be solved
but a gift to be opened.” ~Wayne Muller

A gift that everyone receives when they are born, but for some people, hardships and the struggle to survive, make it difficult to enjoy its many facets. When darkness surrounds you, even the brightest colors become invisible.

Life is a beautiful place, and everyone deserves to experience its beauty. If we at CRC can help to make this possible, even for a few less-fortunate people, our purpose is fulfilled.

We strive to encourage gifted traditional craftsmen, to develop their talent, explore new avenues and source new outlets for their creations by connecting them to the Fair Trade market. This gives not just their skills a new lease of life, but improves their own quality of life. Education, better nutrition and better medical care become distinct possibilities, and with these, the ability to enjoy the gift of life in all its beauty.

The very first principle of Fair Trade is “Creating opportunities for small producers or other marginalized groups”, and that is what we are all about.

CRC or Craft Resource Center was founded in 1990 by Irani Sen and the late Manoranjan Walia, to promote self-determination amidst India’s artisan community through comprehensive capacity-building, leading to sustainability of their craft as a dignified, creative and adequate source of livelihood. This is done on the basis of Fair Trade Practices that are enshrined in its business policies and which are in conformity with the principles of Fair Trade.